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We're Different

Today at dinner a couple of my roommates and I were having a conversation with a friend of ours, Brian. Brian is really into board games and has about 20 of them out here at school with him. He has even more at home. My roommates were talking to him about certain games and which ones he liked. I realized during the conversation that I didn't know very much about what they were talking about. Now, I have absolutely nothing against board games or families that play them, but as I was sitting there listening to this conversation I said a silent prayer of thanks that our family never had to rely on board games or any other type of media (like movies, TV shows, etc.) to give us entertainment. As a family we were never obsessed with playing board games all the time. We were completely content with just sitting in the living room talking and telling stories or, we could go outside and play sports or jump on the trampoline. We were never the type of family that had a certain TV show that we had to watch every week, and I am so grateful for that! So, I guess I just want to thank Mom and Dad especially for raising us in the gospel and being such good examples to us! Also, I want to thank my brothers and sister for hanging out with me when I was an annoying little kid. Y'all will never know how much that meant to me! I look up to y'all so much and I feel bad for everyone else in the world who didn't get to have y'all as brothers and a sister because they got jipped! So, I guess I just wanted to thank all of you for everything! I love you!



While the 2006 Winter Olympics are coming to a close and nearly all the medals have been awarded, I need to let all of you know about a GOLD MEDAL performance right here at home. This past Tuesday when mom went to her design class she pinned up on the wall her design along with all the others. As the instructor walked past each giving his critique he stopped and made numerous positive comments about the design from the mother of five. In fact he came back to it a second time and comment on how it flowed, that it was an exceptional design. In my book she won the GOLD MEDAL. This was even confirmed two days later in a private conversation between instructor and student. You will have to ask mom yourself about that conversation! Way to go mom, congrats on the GOLD MEDAL.


E R Owen Blog

I have added a link for the E R Owen blog to the Owen Oracle. If you get the urge to post some info about the E R Owen family please send me ( or Dad ( an email and we can add you to the blog so that you can make posts. Enjoy.



Hey everyone I got a call tonight from my little brother, Uncle Bill. He had some good news for me and something I wanted to pass on to all of you. He will be award the Boy Scouts of America SILVER BEAVER AWARD on April 14. I know all of you Eagle Scouts will recognize that as a pretty signigicant achievement. Way to go Uncle Bill.


Found: Old Roll of Film

I found an old roll of film in the diaper bag a few days ago and just got it developed. It was some pictures from earlier this fall. I posted some on our blog- if you are interested, look in the September archives. I also finally got around to posting pictures from Christmas & Wyatt's birthday.
By the way...I LOVE Elle's web page!!! I'm wondering where Kelly gets the time to do all of that with a new baby! Elle must be very cooperative!! The pictures are so cute! We can't wait to see her in person!