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Mom and I went to see the movie Flicka this past Friday while Dad was at Woodbadge. As some of you may know, Mom likes to look in the paper and see what kind of grade the movie received before she sees it. So, she looked in the paper and saw that the movie received a "C". She let me know of this and recommended some other movies, but we decided to go and see Flicka. It was GREAT!!!! Animal movies and family movies always tend to be tear-jerkers for me, and this movie was both. I highly recommend it. It was very good!

New Posts

I have a couple new posts on my blog. I'm doing my best here people. I know it doesn't look as cool as Ez's but I'm working on it!


Happy Anniversary Ez & Crystal!

Congrats on your 1st anniversary! The worst is only gets better from here on out!!

When thinking about your wedding, I just couldn't leave out a picture of Wyatt tearing up the dance floor. He stills talks about how cool it was when Mike was dancing and how fun it was when Jacki taught him how to bust some moves! He's been practicing for Abby & Ryan's out!!