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Boley update

Chris, Hayden, Macee and I have made it back to Dallas. We are living right downtown in some corporate apartments near Chris' office and the American Airlines center where the Mavericks play. I have been busy going out with our realtor nearly every day looking for a house. We have some good prospects and hope to have it taken care of before I come out to Atlanta. Hayden had his one month pediatrician visit on Tuesday and he's a healthy, thriving boy. He is up to 10 lbs. 4 oz. (I can't beleive Abe was that big at birth...I would have died!) which puts him in the 75-90th percentile and he's 22 1/2 inches long - the 90th percentile. He is such a cutie and we love him to pieces. Can't wait for you all to meet him. He loves warm baths and showers and his favorite thing in the world is his robe. He likes to go for walks in his baby bjorn and doesn't care much for his car seat (when we're in the car). Macee has finally realized that he's not going anywhere and is actually taking a liking to him. We'll tell her to "go check on the baby" and she'll go right over to him and give him a lick. She has also started sleeping right next to the dresser where Hayden sleeps in his infant seat on top. I know they are going to be great buds. Chris is a new man...I'm seeing a side of him that I didn't know existed. He's got it bad for his boy. Comes home everyday for lunch (never used to do this - even when he could have in NYC) and wants to wake him up if he's sleeping, rushes to him if he even makes a peep in the night and carries him around in what he has dubbed the "snake hold" (more commonly known as the "football hold") because Hayden "snakes" around on his arm. Anyway, parenthood has definitely changed us - for the better. It is amazing how big of a difference such a tiny being can make in your life. Chris is alreay talking about the next one...

Stay tuned for pictures...


Zach, Ginet and kids

Zach, Ginet and kids What a great way to lift ones spirits. I have looked at it more than once. I am working on the fishing trip. dad


We're not the last!!

It has been slow in coming, but at least we beat Abe and Kelly!! We have even created our own blog, but I'm not sure how to add it to the links. Ez, maybe you could help. You can find us at
By the way, I love the pictures from down memory lane!


Memory Lane

I was scanning some pictures to be used in Crystal and my wedding and thought I'd share with the rest of the bunch.

Definitely a marriage in the 70's. Check out the couch.

I think Crystal was thinking of doing something similar with the Bridesmaid dresses.

How it all started.....



Let's not forget Ginet had a birthday the same day as Chris and yes Chris is quite abit older and may need a walker, while young Ginet mother of three decided the best way to celebrate was to particpate in a 10K. WAY TO GO GINET!! Happy B-day wishes to both you and Chris.

Chris's best birthday present was of course lil'Tex, Congrats to the new dad.


Dad and Abe Hurricane Katrina Relief

Dad and Abe spent a long hot weekend in Mississippi helping with the clean up. We worked out of Collins, MS. just north of Hattiesburg. We cut up alot of very big trees hardwood and pine. There was 160 folks that went down from our stake. We were spread out from Collins all the way to the coast. We were served good food at the Baptist church in Seminary, MS. I enjoyed spending the weekend with Abe. We worked hard and helped some good folks in MS. I will add a picture later. The picture shows one of the hundreds of trees that our stake folks cut up. This one actually pulled up the cement in the driveway. How many can you identify in the pic? The fellow in the middle, yellow shirt/blue stripe, this is the home of his father in law whose wife died of cancer four days after the hurricane.


Happy Birthday Chris!!!

Somebody get that man a walker.


A few more

New Addition to the Owen Family

Say hello to Hayden...


Pics up on Abby's Blog

I just put a ton of pictures up on my blog. So check them out! There are even more to come!