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First of all, a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Ez and Crystal. We are very excited for you and you look very happy in your picture.

Second, I wanted to give a shout out to the most recent grad in the family, Chris. He is finally done and has done an awesome job. I think most of your cards, gifts, and well wishes must have gotten lost in the mail somewhere because the only ones he has received are mom and dad's (hand delivered, I might add) and Grandma and Grandpas - don't worry, I'm sure they will get here before we leave ;). We are on to bigger and better things and will be heading to NYC in mid-June. Chris has to start work on the 15th. I will probably stay up there with him until the end of July then come down to Atlanta to have the baby.

And finally, Abby, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT CUT YOUR HAIR!

Hope everyone is doing great - we hope we'll be able to come down to Atlanta over the 4th. Chris would like to set a new PR in the Peachtree. Any one want to walk with the fatty prego lady?

Sorry, I didn't tell y'all how much I wanted to cut off. I'm thinking I might go just an inch or two below my chin. Let me know.

Oh, and how do you post pictures on this thing. I tried to figure it out but I didn't.



Family: I am thinking about getting my hair cut (don't worry I won't do it for a while). I was just wondering what y'all thought. Let me know. Thanks.


It's official! Ezra and Crystal got engaged on the night of May 7th in Lyon's Club Park in the town of Clinton, Mississippi. No official date yet, but we are in talks and will let everyone know when we decide something. I can't hardly wipe the grin off my face. Posted by Hello


New Semester

I thought I would update since no one has updated in a while. It's a new semester here for me! I live in an apartment complex called Legacy Ridge. My address is: 667 S. 2nd E. #204
Rexburg, ID 83440
So, send me mail (or packages). It is fun to receive them! Let me know if you're sending them because the office doesn't tell us when they come, we just have to keep checking. I really like all of my roommates. One of them is engaged. Crazy, huh?! I have a feeling I will be spending a lot of time studying this semester because I have Psychology, Biology and a BIO lab. All three of those casses are very time consuming! Well, I have to go to another class! See ya!!!