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New Classes For Abz

Ez, Santa Rosa looks like it was really fun! I can't wait to be home! I miss everyone!

Well, my new classes for this block started yesterday. I am taking a Humanities class, Book of Mormon and a Modern Dance class. I think my Humanities class will be really interesting. My Book of Mormon teacher raminds me of Sister Lindsay. She is really funny and I'm sure she will make the class erally fun! We actually start dancing today in my dance class andI'm very excited. I have been having dance dreams because I am so excited for this class! I hope everyone is doing well! I miss and love you all!!


Crystal's doo rag and Jacki's pirate pants make them the perfect castaways.


Brooks and his Bro in law brought their kayaks down so we did a little ocean kayaking.

Santa Rosa Beach

Last weekend Crystal and I went down to Santa Rosa Beach near Destin with Jacki and Brooks and a few more people. It was real nice. Sorry I'm on the phone, real important business call.


Cold Cities

To those of you wondering where the coldest capital cities were, here you go....

1. Ulaan-Baatar (Mongolia) 29.7°F/-1.3°C
2. Astana (Kazakhstan) unavailable
3. Moscow (Russia) 39.4°F/4.1°C
4. Helsinki (Finland) 40.1°F/4.5°C
5. Reykjavik (Iceland) 40.3°F/4.6°C
6. Tallin (Estonia) 40.6°F/4.8°C
7. Ottawa (Canada) 41.9°F/5.5°C


Mark your Calendar

Abby, way to get the ball rolling again on this website.

Here are some firm wedding dates for those that are interested.

Oct. 4: Rosh Hashanah
Oct. 9: National Children's Day
Oct. 10: Columbus Day
Oct. 13: Yom Kippur
Oct. 16: National Boss's Day
Oct. 18: Sukkot
Oct. 20: Wedding in the Atlanta Temple (we're keeping this one family and close friends)
Oct. 22: Wedding/Ring Ceremony/Reception in Mississippi at Mynell Gardens

Oct. 24: United Nations Day
Oct. 29: Reception/Open House in Ga at the Owen home
Oct. 31: Halloween

We are in the process of working on dates for showers etc. so you all will updated as we get those dates.

Okay, I don't really have anything new or exciting to say, but there hasn't beena post on here for a really long time. So, I thought I would put one up just to give y'all something to read. This first half of the semester is almost over. I'm ready for it to be finished because I am taking Western Cultures, Book of Mormon and Modern Dance next block. It will be fun. I also don't have class on Fridays next block. That will be very nice! Well, maybe someone else should put a little something up here. At least for my sake. I'm so far away from everyone, I feel like I don't know what's going on in everyone's lives!