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Happy Birthday Abe!!


Turkey Day Run

Abe got up early and I drove him downtown for the half.
One hour thirty-eight minutes way to go Abe! Mommy to
be showed up at the end to cheer daddy to be.


Owen Oracle

We had a great Thanksgiving dinner on Thanksgiving eve. Ez and Crystal are in MS today and Abe and Kelly are going between Ma's and her Mom's house. Abe ran the half marathon this morning in 1'38". Way to go Abe.




Photographer Wyatt

Here are some of the pictures that Wyatt took of the family. I bet you can't guess what he wants for guessed it- a camera!!

Grandma and Summer (By the way- we have officially taken away the pacifier now!)

Cousin Hayden (When Bode saw this picture he said, "Mom he is so cute isn't he". I told him yes he is!!)

The new, and apparently very cool, Mr. Crystal Owen