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The House

Since Mom and Dad are so busy and haven't been able to get around to it, I figured I'd put up some pictures of some of the remodeling that has taken place. I think a lot of us have seen it, but for those who haven't...

The living room/dining room/kitchen is just one big room and it is awesome! Perfect for when everyone is there!



Happy Mother’s Day to all of you who are mothers or who soon will be mothers. This is a special tribute to my mother Phyllis Kirkham Owen. Depending on who is reading this she may be your mother, grandmother, great-grandmother or just a dear friend. Phyllis was born in Lehi, Utah on 22 March 1911 she was the daughter of Thomas and Margaret Kirkham.

Mom had one younger sister Bonnie Jean. Mother loved her years in Lehi, living close to other relatives. She had great respect for her mother and father and alway spoke kindly of her parents.
She was educated in Lehi graduating from high school in 1929 and then off to Utah Agricultural College commonly referred to at the AC, today it is Utah State. Phyllis majored in home economics and education.

Phyllis had a passion for traveling - not sure about this shot - just a trip to the lake for some summer fun. Through the years it was all over the country with our family on family vacations. On the train in the car and later it was visiting children and grandchildren all across the country. North Dakota, Mississippi, California, Florida, New Hampshire and every place in between. You said "a trip" and Phyllis was ready.

At college (AC) Phyllis majored in home economics and education. During her later years at the AC Phyllis met the dapper Ez Owen. I have heard much about Dad's sense of humor and I am sure that was one of the many things that attracted Phyllis to Ez. After graduation mom began teaching high school in Brigham City. I am not sure if dad was already living there or if he followed mom to Brigham City. They were married July 20th 1938 - Ez was 32 and Phyllis was 27. They were married in Lehi, Utah at the Kirkham home. Their marriage was later solemized in the Salt Lake temple.
Brigham City was home for Ez and Phyllis their entire married life. They did move across the street and around the corner. Once there were three children a bigger home was a must and soon there were four children.
There were four children all together Kathleen, Margaret, Tom and Bill. (Kathleen furnished the pictures so maybe that is why she is the only little one represented.) Phyllis stayed at home once there were children. She did supplement the income by having a nursery school in their home. All of us kids have memories of that little school in the basement. That little school lasted for a number of years.
Ez passed away in December of 1963 leaving mom with four kids still in school being out of the work force for a number of years she had to jump back in with both feet which she did. The girls went off to college and Tom and Bill were home with Mom. We of course missed our dad greatly but mom put her shoulder to the wheel and we moved forward and never looked back. I don't really remember our life style changing at all (that home economics major was really paying off)
Mom did what she needed to do and life went on. Here is mom on one of here many trips always wanting to see new and different things. She loved America and wanted to see all she could. She had a passion for quilting and each of the grandchildren have the famous bunny quilt to prove it.
She probably thought the pretty flower garden of the Canadian flag would make a pretty quilt.
Mom lived a full and rich life in her later years when getting around became more difficult Margaret and her girls and Kathleen and her family as well as Bill and family were there to help and do all they could. Thanks to each of you.
The four of us loved our mother and we each learnd many wonderful lessons from her. As we each get a little older our admiration and respect for her and all that she did continues to grow.
A daughter of our Heavenly Father.
1911 - 1996


Here is the last of where we are so far...

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Here are a few more pics of the demo.


Here are the in progress pics of the demo effort! We took out four walls and a closet as well as the stone off the fireplace. Small addition on the front of the house. Most of the kitchen is out, the rest will be out soon. Then we will really be camping!!! Try to guess what room you are in.

Owen Home Upon Arrival July 2007

We left Maple Lane and moved to Dallas Circle in Marietta earlier this year. Here is how it looked when we arrived.




We have been super busy unpacking, sorry it took so long to get a picture on the blog. I will have some more up in a day or so. Hope you can all come by soon. ps bring your suit.

Love dad


Just a Suggestion

So, I vote that Mom and Dad put some pictures of the new house up here. Only when they have time. We understand how busy it is to be moving. I'm just so anxious to see what it looks like. All I have heard is that it has a "HUGE basement, perfect for a ping-pong table."


Happy Birthday, EZ!!!!


Good Luck Ezra & Crystal!!

We will be thinking of you on Saturday as you run your big MARATHON!! Best of luck!