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Merry Christmas to my Family, as you read this more than likely the joy of Christmas morning and Christmas day will be a wonderful memory and many of us will have been able to spend time with one another. I put these few thoughts together on the 24th.

Today is Christmas Eve, early this morning I completed the Book of Mormon as President Hinckley invited us to do. I wanted to finish it before Christmas. How appropriate it was to conclude the last chapter of Moroni on Christmas Eve to be reading of gifts, “gifts of God, for they are many” Mor 10:8. Here are the gifts which are most important to all of us: to teach, great faith, healing, miracles, prophesy, ministering of angles, and more. The most important gift I can give each of you is for you to know I have a testimony of Jesus Christ. I know he is my elder brother. Much of what I do and who I am is because of that belief that He is my Savior and Redeemer. My joy and happiness comes from him and also from each of you. As our family increases in size my love increases for you, individually and collectively. Never ever forget the love your father has for all of you, Zach, Ginet, Wyatt, Bode, Summer, Ez, Crystal, Emmi, Chris, Hayden, Abe, Kelly, Little one to be, and Abby.

Love Dad



Well the newest Owen grandson made it out to visit with Santa. I am not sure what little Tex asked for, but since I know how much his mom and dad love him no doubt all the desires of his little heart will be met. Love to Hayden from Grandpa Tom and Grandma Heidi


Ho Ho Ho

I found this picture as I was searching through my old photo albums to find something for my Mom. Seeing as it is the Christmas season, I thought I would pass it along. It's okay, you can laugh. This was when I was in the 5th Grade. I taped a bunch of cotton balls together and stuffed an old red suit that my Mom had (why?, I don't know!)
Merry Christmas!!!



It has been a good year for the Owen family: graduates, babies, weddings, moves and more. We all had a birthday so we are all a year older and wiser. Chris finished up at Rice. I think he cheered the loudest and then landed a great job. Kudos to papa Chris! Z, G, W, B, and S moved to Colorado Springs to a fun place that is all their own and Wyatt is our first grade school boy (he especially likes the free breakfasts). Little Hayden "Tex" Boley arrived in style in the Big Apple in late summer. Congrats to mommy Em and daddy Chris. Since then he has been jet setting across the eastern US. I think he is planning on calling Dallas home with Mom and Dad in their new home. The big wedding day in October brought us all together thanks to Ez and Crystal. A beautiful day at the temple and then fun times in Jackson and Powder Town, and now a new little bungalow to call their own. We can not forget the big surprise from Abe and Kelly which will culminate in Feb '06. A little girl that Kelly will be able to accessorize everyday. Now maybe poor Marley won't have to play dress up. Tex will have his new best friend! Abe is getting closer to graduation day himself. And who could ever forget that memorable day in the spring when Little Red got her braces off! I think she cheered louder than Chris at his graduation. Oh how we all waited for this day but no one more than Abby. Way to stick with it Ab. And what about Mom the student who has kept us all together, loving one another, feeding us keeping us happy. We love her. I look forward to 2006 a brighter and even better year.
Love Dad

How the TE Owen family all began.
We all love you Gandma and Grandpa.

The girls of 2005